TalkEnglish Independent Study: Level 1 Sample Lesson

Step 1: Text, Vocabulary, and Comprehension Questions

  1. Please read all of these instructions before you begin. To enlarge the lesson, click the Full Screen View button in the top right corner of the lesson.
  2. Pronounce the vocabulary words aloud and use the written pronunciation guide for help.
  3. Next, look up the definitions of any words you do not know in the online dictionary below.
  4. Write the definitions in your notebook. 
  5. Then read the text aloud and look up other words you do not know.
  6. Finally, answer the Comprehension Questions and write the answers in your notebook.

Step 2: Check Your Answers to the Comprehension Questions

Answer Key 1.4.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [102.1 KB]

Step 3: TalkEnglish Pronunciation Teacher

Download the TalkEnglish Pronunciation Teacher MP3 file for this lesson. This section will help you to practice your pronunciation.

Step 4: Discussion Questions

Write the answers to these questions in your notebook and in the blog below. Please use complete sentences. Then compare your answers to the answers of other students. 

  1. Jesus sends wine to the man in charge of the feast. Does the man in charge like the wine? How do you know?
  2. Jesus makes the best wine for God’s glory. What is one area in your life where you want to give your best efforts? Why?
  3. Jesus gives good wine to the people at the wedding. What good things has God given you in your life?
  4. What do you learn about Jesus from this story?

Step 5: Watch the Movies

The Gospel of John

Set up the English subtitles and watch Chapter 5:1-14Click here* to purchase on


The Jesus Film

Jesus performs a miracle for Peter in section 17:56-27:03 of this movie.


To watch the movie in English: 

Click the arrow on the film below.


To watch the movie in your own language: 

Click here* and then click the arrow next to the word English.

In the Search Languages box, type your native language. Hit Enter.

*This link will take you to a website not associated with TalkEnglish.

Step 6: Advanced Historical Studies (Optional)

Step 7: Make Decisions

After each lesson, you can make decisions to help you grow in your knowledge of English and of the Bible. Before going to the next lesson, take a minute to make some decisions.


Your answers are sent to the TalkEnglish office and are not made public on this website.