Meet the Director

Mary Snow completed her Bachelors of Arts degree at New York University and her Masters degree in Liberal Arts with concentrated coursework in English and History at Southern Methodist University. Her final project focused on the development of educational strategies targeting multiple cross-hemispheric brain centers. Mary has been teaching English to national and international students since 1999 and spent ten years teaching and tutoring students at her Alma Mater: The Hockaday School, a national leader in female private boarding schools. By 2009, she had developed her own SAT preparation course, along with the TalkEnglish Program, giving students a competitive edge in a global economy where English plays a vital role in international communication and academic advancement.

Now the whole world had a common speech and a common language...

Genesis 11:1 (NIV)

I have always had a heart for international students and culture. Developing and teaching in the TalkEnglish program has allowed me to marry my greatest passions: education, international relations, and my faith in Jesus. I am extremely grateful for friends who shared the Gospel with me in college. This experience unfolded a powerful and meaningful design for my life: serving international communities locally and abroad beyond the acclaims of education, while witnessing life-impacting transformations in the lives of students through a divine message of God's love.

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