TalkEnglish Training

TalkEnglish offers a ten-module online training program designed to equip instructors in conducting effective conversational English lessons and engaging in rich conversations with their new international friends. The TalkEnglish Workbook Training Program covers a variety of topics to help instructors prepare themselves for an exciting journey of sharing the Gospel with members of the international community while assisting them with their English skills. You many complete the TalkEnglish training individually or as a group.

This training course helps to ensure that your program is effective and that all students receive quality instruction while participating in TalkEnglish.


TalkEnglish Workbook Training Program

Click the TalkEnglish Workbook Training button to start your training! At any time, you can review how to teach a lesson by watching the TalkEnglish Lesson Demonstration video below.



TalkEnglish Lesson Demonstration Video