Video Conferencing Options

We recommend running anti-spyware and anti-virus programs after downloading or using any video conferencing program.


Here are two YouTube videos that explain how to use Skype (videos not produced by TalkEnglish). Other instructional videos about how to use Skype can be found on YouTube. These links will take you off of the TalkEnglish website.


Skype instructional video #1


Skype instructional video #2


Sign up for Skype here!

Skype Limitations

The free version of Skype does have some limitations when used for TalkEnglish conferencing. For example, the free version only allows for two people to use the webcam at one time. Overall distortion may be a problem with Skype use.

Other Video Conferencing Devices offers clear video conferencing and allows up to six people to video conference with webcam at one time.


Before using, ask all of the conference participants to do the following:

  1. Go to 
  2. Click Support
  3. Click System Test to ensure that all computers to be used meet the system requirements


Follow the instructions on the website to set up or begin a meeting.


Once the meeting begins, be sure that all participants are logged off of Skype. Participants cannot use Skype or any other video conferencing device and at the same time.



We do not have much information about Google+, but we understand that Google+ is free and provides capabilities of hosting several web cams at one time. All conference participants must download Google+ in order to participate.


QQ (or IMQQ)

QQ is popular and accessible to residents of China. QQ is capable of hosting several webcams at one time; however, increasing the number of webcams seems to consistently affect the quality of the video. QQ can, however, host effectively up to audio users at one time. QQ offers screen sharing, file transfers, chatting, and translation.



We do not have much information about ooVoo, but we understand that ooVoo is free and allows up to 12 webcams at one time. This program also offers chatting, phone calling, screen sharing, and simultaneous movie watching. Recipients can connect with you through a link, but they will be required to download ooVoo.