TalkEnglish in Missions

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Youth Renewal Centre Pakistan

Youth Renewal Centre Pakistan (YRCP) fights against poverty, war, and discrimination through education, skill-building, sharing Christ's love in underprivileged areas. The school offers low fee ($2/month) and free education, free books, and health services to 120 children (as of 2015). In addition to basic eduction, computer skills training, career counselling, motivational classes, and worship, YRCP offers TalkEnglish to help older student practice their English skills while learning about Jesus. We maintain consistent communication with the missionaries in Pakistan, Tariq and Iffat, and are super inspired by their hearts and their work. In addition to managing the needs of the school, Tariq works full-time for another local school and preaches at a local church. Iffat serves as the principal of YRCP's primary school. YRCP is currently raising money for free books and for a permanent building to serve more children. Please make a donation of any amount to help support their work!


Go To Nations - Cambodia

Go To Nations - Cambodia offers free courses through TalkEnglish to underprivileged villages in Cambodia. In addition to English classes, the local church offers discipleship classes and ministry to all ages, as wells as many outreach services, including drug rehabilitation, proper hygiene and sanitation instruction, and food services. We maintain consistent contact with missionary Coh Santiago, who serves tirelessly and faithful in both Cambodia and Vietnam. 



TalkEnglish provides free materials to all mission partners but all mission partners operate independently and are not associated with TalkEnglish, LLC.


TalkEnglish Mission Teams

TalkEnglish can be conducted locally or across international borders, allowing English speaking Christians to go anywhere in the world to help another person practice his English skills while learning more about Jesus Christ.


A TalkEnglish international mission opportunity is a chance of a lifetime that Christians have to serve in another country, to experience another culture, and to make new international friends. Spending time in another country oftentimes gives Christians new perspectives about how other people in the world live: their customs, beliefs, and lifestyles. TalkEnglish mission trips also provide opportunities for Christians to learn from people they never would have met staying in their home countries. Most Christians returning from mission trips recall for years the cultural and spiritual impact that these international experiences had on their lives.


We hope that instructors in every TalkEnglish program will have the chance to take TalkEnglish across international borders and are renewed in spiritual ways they never dreamed possible.


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