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Welcome TalkEnglish Students!

Through TalkEnglish, you will enjoy meaningful conversations about your life and the life of your new friends as you journey through the book of John in the Bible. The book of John explores Jesus - who he is, what he taught, and how he lived.


With twenty conversational English lessons, you will read sections of the Bible, answer questions, discuss what you read, and talk about your life, your beliefs, and what it looks like to follow Jesus. After each lesson, you will prepare for the next lesson, practice your pronunciation using the TalkEnglish Pronunciation Teacher, watch a movie about what you are reading, and prepare for your next discussion. 

All the materials you need are found on this page

One Program, Two Levels

TalkEnglish Workbook: The Book of John

TalkEnglish offers one workbook with two levels, intermediate and advanced. The text and questions in the Level 1 program are a little easier than Level 2, and the Level 2 program includes more historical reading assignments. Not sure which level is for you? Read the requirements for each level below and click on the workbooks to view the lessons.

TalkEnglish Pronunciation Teacher

Both levels offer an online English language lab that allows you to listen to the text and vocabulary of each TalkEnglish lesson and to practice speaking and pronouncing words, phrases, and sentences.

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Click to view Level 1 Workbook


Level 1

TalkEnglish Level I students should be able to do the following:

  • Read an intermediate level of English

  • Speak fairly comfortably in English

  • Use present and past verb tenses

  • Write some English

  • Desire to improve pronunciation skills


Pronunciation Teacher

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Level 2

TalkEnglish Level II students should be able to do the following:

  • Read a more advanced level of English

  • Speak comfortably in English

  • Use multiple verb tenses

  • Write English

  • Desire to improve pronunciation skills


Pronunciation Teacher

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Click to view Level 2 Workbook

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TalkEnglish Class Tools

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Read the Bible

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Listen to the Bible

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Watch the Movies

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Define Words

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Write in your Workbook

Want to write in your workbook? Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for free . Then download your workbook and save as a PDF. Click the Fill and Sign icon twice and write your answers!


Apply for a

Certificate of Completion

When you have finished all 20 lessons of TalkEnglish, including the homework, you can apply for the TalkEnglish Certificate of CompletionThese Certificates are honor-based, but we want to applaud your for your hard work. 

You will be asked to summarize what you learned from this program in a few paragraphs. Your Certificate will be honored if you demonstrate a strong knowledge the content of the TalkEnglish Program and the Level you completed.

All Certificates are emailed in PDF format.

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Certificate of Completion Application

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TalkEnglish Certificate of Completion

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