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TalkEnglish is a FREE Bible-based English conversation program that helps intermediate to advanced-level English speakers of the international community to discover more about Jesus, while improving their English pronunciation, vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Through TalkEnglish, you can practice English and learn more about Jesus - who he was and what he taught - all in one class. You can also study through our online group classes and share your experience with others from around the world.

Learn with an instructor

TalkEnglish offers a free workbook and language lab that you can share with an instructor or friend to help you practice your English. Through our online group classes, you can also learn and make friends with people from different countries. Independent instructors, schools, organizations, and churches can also offer TalkEnglish classes to students locally or online and use all TalkEnglish materials for free.

Learn by yourself

Want to practice English at your own pace? Want to learn by yourself or with a friend? You can learn independently using the TalkEnglish Pronunciation Teacher, our online language lab that helps you to practice speaking and pronouncing words, phrases, and sentences in each lesson.  Answers to most questions can be found in the back of your workbook. 


Pronunciation Teacher

Grow with God

Become a Student

Whether you're a doctor, a restaurant owner, a graduate student, or an ESL student, the TalkEnglish conversation program can help you to improve your English and your life as you learn more about the life and world of Jesus. 

Become an Instructor

Want to become a volunteer TalkEnglish instructor? You can teach TalkEnglish with us online, at your church, through your organization, or independently. Through TalkEnglish, you can share your passion for teaching and for God all in the same place.

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Join a class

Learn with people from around the world

TalkEnglish offers online group classes so that you can practice speaking English with others from around the world. Classes are a great way to make friends while improving your conversation  and pronunciation skills. You can join a new class anytime!

Classes are offered through Zoom.

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