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The program became more than an English activity. It became in my spiritual devotional: the reading of every chapter in the book of John, the meditation of every lesson, the listening, the comprehension questions, the personal sharing section, the extra readings, the movie. Every activity of the program became part of my life. - Colombian Student

TalkEnglish Zoom Classes

Join a class anytime!

You do not have to complete previous lessons to join a new class

Classes 5 minutes prior to start time
Classes close 15 minutes after start time

There are no group classes at this time

All TalkEnglish materials are free to use individually or in your own groups.

Free student materials can be found on the Student page

and free instructor training can be found on the Instructor page.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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Level 1

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Saturdays, 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

(CDT / Chicago, Illinois Time)


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Class Requirements

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January 14 - Lesson 1
January 21 - Lesson 2
January 28 - Lesson 3
February 4 - Lesson 4
February 11 - Lesson 5
February 18 - Lesson 6
February 25 - Lesson 7
March 4 - Lesson 8
March 11 - Lesson 9
March 18 - Lesson 10

March 25 - Lesson 11
April 1 - Lesson 12
April 8 - Break
April 15 - Lesson 13
April 22 - Lesson 14

April 29 - Lesson 15
May 6 - Lesson 16
May 13
 - Lesson 17
May 20 - Lesson 18
May 27 - Lesson 19
June 3 - Lesson 20
June 10 - The Passion
June 17 - Graduation
June 24 - Appendix B-1
July 1 - Appendix B-2
July 8 - Appendix B-3
July 15 - Appendix B-4
July 22 - Appendix B-5
July 29 - Appendix B-6


Class Requirements

Class Requirements

Homework: All homework is due BEFORE class

Estimated time required: 1.5 hrs per week

  1. For homework, read the Text Box for the Lesson

  2. Review the Vocabulary section and look up words you do not know

  3. Listen to the TalkEnglish Pronunciation Teacher for this Lesson

  4. Optional: Prepare all answers before you come

  5. Complete Homework Challenge (Level 2 only)

English Level: Intermediate to Advanced
(This is not a beginner's class. Conversation is required.)

Participation: Speaking participation is required

(You may read answers that you wrote in advance.)

Class Rules:

  1. You must read and agree to our Terms of Use, Code of Conduct, Privacy Policy, and Internet Safety Guidelines before attending class.

  2. English only may be spoken during class. No other languages will be permitted.

  3. Use of Video in Zoom is not required.

  4. Use of Mic is required. Please test your mic before you come.

  5. A first name in profile is required.

  6. You must identify yourself when you join the class.

You will not be allowed to participate in class and may be removed from the class if you do not meet these class requirements.

Grammar & Pronunciation Tips



Verb Tense


Verbs ending
in -ING


Verbs ending
in -ED


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