TalkEnglish Group Training

Group Training Checklist

The TalkEnglish Workbook Training Program (Instructor Password required) may be conducted as a group. Here is a step-by-step process to follow to help you coordinate a successful TalkEnglish Workbook Training Program for a group of new instructors. If you would like help coordinating your group training, please contact the TalkEnglish office.


1. Select a group training facilitator. The training facilitator should complete the TalkEnglish Instructor Registration Form. At the end of this registration, the instructor will receive an Instructor Password for all password protected pages.


2. The training facilitator should print or download both TalkEnglish: The Book of John – Level 1 and Level 2 workbooks, as well as the TalkEnglish Workbook Training Manual.


3. The training facilitator should read carefully the Download Instructions for the training modules. The Download Instructions will help the modules to run smoothly during group training.


4 .The training facilitator should then review all ten training modules of the TalkEnglish Workbook Training Program and decide how the training will be conducted. Group training can include all the modules or a portion of the modules. If the training includes only a portion of the modules, the participants must be required to finish the training on their own before teaching the TalkEnglish program.


5. Decide on a group training location. (The training facilitator will need a way to project the training modules using a laptop or other device.)


6. Decide on a group training date and time.


7. If possible, select a Program Coordinator for your ministry. View Program Coordinator Training Module 1 to learn more about the role of a TalkEnglish Program Coordinator. This person should complete the TalkEnglish Instructor Registration Form and the Program Coordinator Registration Form. If you cannot find a Program Coordinator, then select a Program Coordinator once you start your ministry.


8. Schedule to begin advertising the TalkEnglish Workbook Training Program for three consecutive weeks prior to the training. View Module 10: Building a TalkEnglish Ministry of the TalkEnglish Workbook Training Program to gain advertising strategies for your church's ministry. Go to TalkEnglish Promotional Materials on the Supplies page of the TalkEnglish website. Use the TalkEnglish Promotional Training Flyer as an invitation for the training.


9. Be sure that every instructor who registers for your training class also completes the Instructor Registration Form on the TalkEnglish website. From there, they will receive passwords to download all training materials to bring to the training class. Training materials include the TalkEnglish Workbook Training Manual and both TalkEnglish student workbooks, TalkEnglish: The Book of John - Level 1 and TalkEnglish: The Book of John - Level 2.


10. Prior to the training class or during a training break, collect information about the instructors using the Instructor Information Form found on the Program Coordinator Training page of our website under Additional Program Coordinator Materials. This information will help you if you ever need to connect an instructor with a new student.


11. At the end of the training, get a "next step" plan for your group, ie. advertising, group outreach, TalkEnglish party, group prayer time, etc. Encourage instructors to begin reaching out to the international community the next week. Plan a follow-up meeting with your new instructors over the next two weeks to help move your ministry forward.


12. Let members of your church know that if they wish to be a TalkEnglish instructor but were unable to attend the training, they can still complete the TalkEnglish Workbook Training Program individually on our website once they complete the TalkEnglish Instructor Registration Form.


13. Please contact the TalkEnglish Corporate Office for assistance at any time.