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Become a TalkEnglish Instructor!

Becoming a TalkEnglish Instructor is an exciting and rewarding experience! You will have the opportunity to meet international people all over the world, helping them to practice their English speaking skills while discovering more about Jesus.


You don't have to speak a foreign language or be an English teacher. 

All of our students are required to speak a conversational level of English, so you are simply helping them to practice what they have already learned. As an instructor you can serve independently and find your own students, or you can apply to be a volunteer online instructor or teaching assistant and teach with us! 

Cover - Level 1.jpg

Click to view Level 1 Workbook

Step 1

Grab your Workbooks

Workbooks can also be found on the Student page and are free to use, print, and distribute. Take a minute to check out all of the resources for your students on the Student page!

Want to write in your workbook?

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for free. Then download your workbook and save as a PDF. Click the Fill and Sign icon twice and write inside!

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Click to view Level 2 Workbook

Step 2

Watch a Sample Lesson

TalkEnglish lessons are easy to teach and can be modified to your teaching style. Relax, have fun with your student, practice English, and discover more about Jesus and the Bible together!

Most lessons takes about

one hour and a half to complete. 

Sample Lesson
TalkEnglish Sample Lesson
TE Training Manual Cover.PNG

TalkEnglish Training Manual

Step 3

Gather some Supplies

The TalkEnglish Training Manual will guide you on how to teach TalkEnglish.

You will use the Lesson Documentation Form to take notes for your students during class.

Lesson Documentation.PNG

Lesson Documentation Form

TalkEnglish Workbook Training
TalkEnglish Workbook Training
TalkEnglish Training Manual

Step 4

Watch the Training Videos

The two TalkEnglish Training Videos will give you a quick overview of what's inside the TalkEnglish Workbooks and show you how to use the TalkEnglish Training Manual, Lesson Documentation Form, and Certificate of Completion to get started.


Step 5

Start Teaching!

Teach Independently

Want to find your own local or online students and keep a flexible schedule? Teach independently at your own pace! You can still join our instructor training meetings and prayer times to stay connected.

Teach with Us

You can also teach online with us! Assist in classes and learn to teach online by applying to be an online  volunteer TalkEnglish instructor. We offer training support and prayer times so you can grow in your teaching skills.

Virtual Team Meeting

Step 6

Your Student's

Certificate of Completion

When your students complete all 20 lessons of TalkEnglish, they can apply for their TalkEnglish Certificate of Completion, located on the Student page of our website. These Certificates are honor-based but are deeply valued by internationals and are perfect ways to applaud your students' hard work. Your students will be asked to demonstrate a strong knowledge of what they learned during the TalkEnglish Program.

All Certificates are emailed to students in PDF format.

Step 7

Stay Connected

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Friday, October 2, 2020

7:30 -  8:30 PM (CDT, GMT-5)

Meet the Director of TalkEnglish and other TalkEnglish instructors and wanna-be's!

Please send us a message on our Contact Us page to let us know you're coming


Instructor Meet & Greet

Join us for a casual meet and greet Zoom time

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