Create a TalkEnglish Mission Team

If you have connections with an international church and your church has a group of local volunteers that can donate a week or more of their time away from home, then we would like to help you plan a TalkEnglish mission trip.


As instructors, you would have the following main responsibilities:

  • Funding the mission trip

  • Coordinating transportation

  • Helping to identify appropriate lodging


The host church would have the following main responsibilities:

  • Advertising the Bible-based conversational English program (to potential TalkEnglish students)

  • Coordinating student sign-up

  • Finding locations for TalkEnglish lessons

  • Providing a volunteer coordinator for the instructors

  • Collecting and managing mission trip funds (TalkEnglish staff does not directly handle funds but can assist in some budgetary processes)

  • Helping to identify appropate lodging


In order to train for this type of adventure, we recommend that the mission team members be involved in a local TalkEnglish program and practice teaching several lessons before venturing across international boarders. A local TalkEnglish program is a fertile training ground for the mission work ahead.

To plan a mission trip for your church or group, please contact the TalkEnglish office.